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About myself

Vladimir Petrovich Dolgov was born in 1953, April, 16 in Saint-Petersburg.

In 1974 graduated from Architectural Industrial College, specialty Architecture.

In 1979 graduated from Saint-Petersburg Pedagogical University, Graphical department.

Since 1991 is a copartner of the Free Painters Association of Saint-Petesburg.



Painting, graphic, design, pedagogic.



The works of the artist are placed in the following museums: The art museum of Gdof city, The art museum of Parhomof city, Shushenskaya art gallery, Hvalynskaya art gallery by Petrov-Vodkin, Museum of Vladivostok city, Picture gallery of Byisk city.


Private collections

Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Italy, Finland, Yugoslavia, USA, Germany, Canada.



1975 - Informal exhibition in Saint-Petersburg cinema Zanevskiy.

1980 - Third Exhibition of the Teachers of art institutions of Russia (second degree diploma of Culture Ministry, Russia)

1983 - The sketches to the performance of  Children's Philharmonic Society

1985 - Exhibition in the museum of Parhomov city

1985 - Exhibition in the house - museum of Dostoevsky in Old Russia

1987 - Personal exhibition of water color in Byisk

1987 - Personal exhibition in edition of the magazine "Aurora"

1988 - Personal exhibitions from Fund of Culture in St.-Petersburg

1991 - Personal exhibition in gallery "Neva 20"

1993 - Exhibition "The fathers and children" (the artists dynasties of St.-Petersburg XIX-XX). On the exhibition are submitted dynasties of the Benois, Lancere and Serebrjakowa

1994 - Exhibition in Germany, Trier. Trip to Luxembourg

1997 - Personal exhibition in gallery "Curiosity Shop", St.-Petersburg

1998 - Personal exhibition in the Municipal Exhibition hall of Moscow district, St.-Petersburg



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        Phone: +7(812)3712327

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