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     Vladimir Dolgov was born under the signs of Aries, in 1953, precisely 100 years after the birth of Van Gogh. These two circumstances are determinative in the life of the painter. The fire of Aries and phantom of Van Gogh flame up palette of "The Russian Van Gogh" of the end of XXth century.  In 1998 the newspaper Petrovskiy courier wrote about the painter: The style of the master is called by arts critics as an intellectual  expressionism. Vladimir  is a true Russian painter. He opens a mysterious world, the name of which  - Russian Soul. The color of Aries is red, what means in russian beautiful and heartfelt. The way of Russian Van Gogh is difficult and tragic. These words of Van Gogh are close to him: We, artists of modern society are only broken vessels. 

1971 1979

     Vladimir graduated from Saint-Petersburg Architectural College and the Art department of Saint-Petersburg Pedagogical University. He was a participant of underground exhibitions. He taught painting in art colleges and schools of Saint-Petersburg.

1979 2000

     He is becoming well known. Five museums of the former USSR have bought his pictures. 129 pictures were bought by the USA citizen  - V.. Smolkin. 30 pictures were purchased by Doctor Iochim Muller, Trier, Germany. 10 masterpieces were bought by Madam Vicky Zaltsman, Toronto, Canada. Madam Monika Link, a representative of the optical company "Carl Zeiss", Germany has ordered a portrait. Vladimirs pictures were displayed together with the pictures of the famous Russian artists of the XIX - XX centuries such as: Benois, Lancere and Serebrjakowa. Since 1973 till 2000 "Russian Van Gogh" painted about 6000 pictures.


     Now Vladimir Dolgov is 58 years old. He lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.


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