Oil painting (Gallery 1)

Oil painting (Gallery 2)

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Welcome to my virtual gallery!

Oil painting (Gallery 2)

The theatrical costume. --Sold--

The Spanish woman.

Kind mother.

Violin and a little bit nervous. --Sold--

The Phoenix Bird.

The theatrical costume. --Sold--


The melancholy philosopher.

Autumn landscape.

The Lady in a carnival costume.

Two age of don Pedro.

Tallinn. Pikk-jalg.



"The Church on Blood", Saint-Petersburg.

Girlfriends. --Sold--

Tallinn. After rain.

Tallinn. Vishgorod. --Sold--


About sense of life.



The Cow.

The dark blue horseman.

The look from a window.

The artist and muse.



Projection of love.

Ancestor of the pig.

White night.

Family theatre.

The Russian Monster.

The Red cock.


Sacred Apostle Peter.

The first mushrooms.

The ending of Toriki village.


Autumn in Czechia.

Love of the Arlekino.


Court yard of Temple.

The girl from a circus.

The road to castle.

Place for soul.

Autumn gold.

Old sity of Vilnius.




Castle in Czechia.

Ice drift on Neva.





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